Page prefix missing for some entries

I am using biblatex with authoryear and for some of my entries, the page prefix (“S.” in my case) is missing, where I would actually like to have it.


This entry

  author = {Umemura, Takashi},
  title = {Ippyôsei ni yatô hanpatsu},
  journaltitle = {Asahi Shinbun},
  date = {1990-11-11},
  titleaddon = {Oppositionsparteien lehnen Ein-Stimmen-System ab},
  issuetitle = {Morgenausgabe},
  issue = {Tôkyô},
  pages = {2-3}

gives me this:

Bibliography entry with pages

But this entry

  author = {John McMaster},
  title = {The Takashima Mine: British Capital and Japanese Industrialization},
  journaltitle = {Business History Review},
  year = {1963},
  volume = {38},
  number = {3},
  pages = {215–239}

only yields the following:

Bibliography entry without pages

Is there any reason why the “S.” is omitted in the second case? I have looked around in authoryear.bbx, biblatex.def and standard.bbx and could not find anything that would clue me in. To me this seems particularly strange because both entries use the article driver. I have even found a question where someone wants to get rid of the page prefix (biblatex: no pages for article) so I suppose it should be there by default. DeclareFieldFormat[article]{pages}{mkpageprefix[bookpagination]{#1}} also lead to no result.

One Response to “Page prefix missing for some entries”

  1. Audrey says:

    The second entry uses the Unicode EN dash in the pages field. Without biber 1.7+ and a compatible biblatex version, this character is not recognized as a page range indicator by default. If your input encoding accepts this character, add DeclareRangeChars*{–} to your preamble. Otherwise try using one of the default range indicator Ascii characters (e.g. -) or commands (e.g. bibrangedash, textendash, textemdash) throughout your bib file. A quick way to do this is to re-encode your bib file to Ascii with:

    biber --tool --output_encoding=ascii --output_safechars <file name>.bib

    from the command line.

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