Sed – unknown option to `s'

I execute a sed command in my script:

sed -i "${1}s/${2}=.*/${2}=${REPLY}/" $3

this is the echo:

sed -i 13s/log4j.appender.ROOT2.File=.*/log4j.appender.ROOT2.File=/app/TET/log.log/ /applis/DIAPASON/diapason1/conf/

My error:

sed: -e expression n°1, character 61: unknown option fors`’

One Response to “Sed – unknown option to `s'”

  1. John says:

    You have multiple ‘/’ charachters inside the ${REPLY} variable, which is confusing sed. You can choose an alternate delimiter for the s/// command in most versions of sed, so if this were me, I’d try something like:
    sed -i "${1}s|${2}=.*|${2}=${REPLY}|" $3. This replaces the ‘/’ for sed with ‘|’, so that the ‘/’ in ${REPLY} are (hopefully) not interpreted by sed.

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