partitioning internal meomory of android device

i restored factory settings on my Ajos tablet and in the process it renamed the internal sd to internal storage and now isnt supporting applications what can I do

Google Play: Error downloading app – insufficient space

After one of the latest updates (not sure if it was the last one or a previous one) of the Google Play app, I am having an error trying to update a large app (42MB). It says:

Error Downloading . There is insufficient space on the device.

My device is a Samsung P1000 running Froyo. It’s rooted, but the error was there before rooting it.

A quick Google search showed several Samsung users having the same problem (the app in question that was giving me the headache is Smurf’s village). Some said that removing the updates to the Android Market (Google Play) app would fix it, but to me it was of no avail.

I also tried the procedure in this Google help FAQ to no avail.

Now I am stuck with a prehistoric version of the Market (that works on small apps) and still cannot update Smurf’s Village or install big apps. How can I fix this?

EDIT: device has over 2GB of internal SD storage, 27GB of external SD card, so space is not an issue.

Missing storage on Tesco Hudl 2

I have a Tesco Hudl 2 running Android 4.4.2. I have 9GB of total storage. But little free, despite not using much.

It shows a few GB in-use and 0.5GB free. The usage bar shows 80% available, but the table shows 581MB available. I used to have many apps installed, now there are fewer apps, and no room for more.

Total space 9.12GB
    Avalable 581MB
    Apps 1.58GB
    Pictures 12.46MB
    Audio 496kb, 
    Downloads 35.61MB, 
    Cached data 59.51MB
    Misc 113MB

That is less than 2GB in-use, and 9GB – 2GB = 7GB ≠ 0.5GB

I have no idea what has happened to the rest of the memory. Can you tell me how to fix, or diagnose?

Note: I have read wiki.

It has 16GB of internal storage, and according to various websites I should only see about 9GB of this. The storage tool shows about 9GB of total storage.

As requested, I ran Diskinfo & DiskUsage. DiskUsage shows System data of 6782 MiB, this appears to be the problem, but what is system data, and why so much?


 Internal Storage (MMC)
 * Cache [mmcblk0p11] (/cache) [ext4]
   Used: 87.6 MB, Free: 1.4 GB, Total space: 1.5 GB
 * System [mmcblk0p13] (/system) [ext4]
   Used: 1.3 GB, Free: 761 MB, Total space: 2 GB
 * Data [mmcblk0p15] (/data) [ext4]
   Used: 8.8 GB, Free: 582 MB, Total space: 9.4 GB
 SD Card
 * SD card [mmcblk1p1] (/mnt/media_rw/sdcard1, /storage/sdcard1) [vfat]
   Used: 253 MB, Free: 29.5 GB, Total space: 29.7 GB
 * RAM
   Used: 1018 MB, Free: 862 MB, Total space: 1.8 GB


Storage card: 9342 MiB
    apps: 1245 Mib
    media: 734 Mib
    System data: 6782 Mib
    Free space: 581 Mib

Unable to download facebook app, though having a new SD card

I have an android gt9000 and I’m getting very frustrated because it won’t let me download the facebook app and it keeps saying insufficient storage available but I only have one app downloaded and I have a brand new SD card in it.

What happens if I uninstall the Google Settings app?

My android device frequently runs low on free memory space.

Can I delete the Google Settings app?

I want to install a game but it is not installing what should I do?

Enough space, downloads most of the app, then says not enough space

So I’m trying to install a little game called Xcom: Enemy Within, Google Play store downloads most of the App- I’d say 99% at least…then it gives me an error and says there’s not enough memory- I have about 338 MB left after that.

MORESO- I have an external mini SD card that I want to put this on but it won’t allow me to download directly to it.(Which- I must say is a dumb design oversight that…well the ability to do that has been around since Windows XP guys come on) so long-term it isn’t going to be that big of an issue. What can I do?

Galaxy Tab 3: How to get it to make use of the MicroSD card?

I’m kind of a noob when it comes to Android tablets. Anyway, I have a Galaxy Tab 3 with only 16GB built it, and of course I’ve hit the point where I’m running out of space. So I bought a 32GB MicroSD card, and assumed that would solve the problem. However, the tablet doesn’t seem to want to make use of it, especially when it comes to moving over apps and data that are already on the device. And I’m totally lost as to how to make it move at least some of that stuff over, as well as when it comes to setting it to use the card as the main storage on anything new from this point forward.

Can anyone explain to me just what I need to do to make this silly thing start using the card? I’ve totally hit the limit of the built-in 16GB, and don’t even have enough room left to save new photos, much less update apps or install new ones. No matter what I try to adjust in the settings, it just won’t make the switch, and I’m totally lost at this point.


HTC One model c525c, errors downloading from Play Store (491, 905, 915, and insufficient space)

Earlier this month I thought I had a virus so I factory reset my phone, which is rooted. I have been trying to reinstall my games, over 40 of them. Only have 6 of them now and my phone keeps telling me I have insufficient space, with all the apps and games that I can move to my 16 gig SD card, which only has less than one gig used on it.

I used to always get error 491 before factory reset. I have been getting 915 and most recently, 905. And the ones that do download to 100% lockup at 100% and won’t open. Plus I can’t even update. Please help me fix, especially the 915 latest error.

Internal storage fills up

I had a sony xperia C with a 16GB memory card… My internal storage kept filling up which made it unable to update or download any apps. The only apps i had was whatsapp and instagram. Sent my phone in. Had to pay for repairs, was in for 6weeks and got phone bback but still same errors… I got a new phone (Huawei G6), brand new 16GB and a new google play store account… phone set to default storge location is SD card.. moved all app that i could to sd card. I only have 10 songs and about 100 pictures… I clear cache everyday probably 500 everyday. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong please help.

Internal Storage problem

My Android phone is always showing storage space is running out but I had deleted everything in it. Why does it do this?
My Mobile is Micromax Unite 2 a106.
Any solution for this?

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