Hi I am getting a low internal storage warning on phone and my phone wont move anything to sd card. How can I safely root this phone or what are other solutions to this Annoying problem?

Insufficient storage message when attempting to install app [duplicate]

Cannot use internal memory partition in my Nextbook 7 16GB tab

I have just purchased a Nextbook 7 16 gb tab. I have installed only a few apps and then got the message of “Insufficient Memory”. I looked in the storage section and found the tab has TWO partitions under “Internal Storage” One has space of 0.98GB and another internal storage has 12.22GB. All my apps are installed in the first partition. How to use the larger partition for apps? So far I have been unable to do so. KINDLY HELP!!!

Memory Space Help?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) and am having trouble with the storage space, when on the ‘Storage’ page of ‘Settings’, it shows 3 storage methods:
Device Memory – 1.97gb
USB Storage – 11.08
Memory Card – 62.48gb
I know that the memory card is perfectly okay but i dont understand why my phone is using the device memory and not the USB storage??
Looking at my sons device (i9300) his storage screen shows:
Internal Storage – 11.35gb
SD Card – 29.27 but no USB storage.
My son’s device works perfectly.
Could somebody please help?
I am not too happy about visiting the shop as they have told me before that they just cleared my device.

Insufficient storage space

I have a Filemate Clear Google tablet by Android. I have two problems, 1 my tablet at random times tries to encrypt and ends up factory resetting all my data and 2 after one of these instances ever since I try to get my apps back it says insufficient storage space. I can’t even get upgrades anymore. Can anyone help me?

Galaxy S3 insufficient space

I’ve got a couple GBs worthof space and my internal and external SD storage are about at 25% full each. No matter where I try to download apps to, it says I’ve got insufficient space.

I’ve already deleted everything I don’t need, cleared caches, and updated the Play Store. Sometimes it will let apps update by themselves automatically and have no issues, but other times it will so say I lack space.

Low internal memory led to installation error

OK, so this is the problem. I own a lenovo idea tab A3000, with no SIM cards inserted( that results in impossibility of using a dial pad) but rooted. Android version 4.2.2 .
Like many other users, I was recommended to clean dumpstate/logcat but as I just said I wasn’t able to use the dialer. Living in a country with adb help restrictions set by Google, that is not the solution for me either. I just managed to use clean master and SD maid to clean any possible system log files that were unnecessary but it seems due to low memory error that the package installer stucks me with, they, too, have failed.
Because of what has just been told, I’m unable to install busybox or any root installer app. I got so desperate I came over to ask.
I sense there are numerous solutions to this state yet I’m not aware of them.
ROM memory: 91 megabytes left
SD card available but not inserted
Internal memory : 714 megabytes left

Android 4.2.1 – Operating System Storage is occupying too much space

Dunno if this is a proper question to ask here, my problem is about the storage of my android on the internal memory. I have 16gigs of sd card, 16 gigs internal storage as well, but I am seeing this on my android’s storage settings:

enter image description here

It looks so weird and I cant install apps, even though I choose sdcard for storage/installation location.

The brand is Coolpad 8903, possibly not on sale anywhere out of China, but this looks like os issue i suppose…

anyone knows how to fix this problem so i can free some storage?

Error – Insufficient storage – Nexus 7

Device: Nexus 7 (2013 WIFI)
Rooted: Yes
Recovery: TWRP (Not sure if this is needed)

I am posting this because I recently started getting “insufficient storage” error on my device. I’ve had this before and I knew exactly had to fix it because I had come back from a vacation then and there were a lot of pictures on the device; So it was a simple matter of moving all the pictures and videos off the device for it to start working again.

This time however it is a little confusing for me. I will start with some pictures:

Settings > Storage ES File Explorer
Settings > Storage / ES File Explorer > Top_left menu > Tools drop-down > SD Card Analyst (click images for larger variants)

So far everything looks fine, I seem to have a lot of space left to install one measly app right? Just to confirm, I used Clean Master to try to move some apps to device storage:

Clean Master
Clean Master > App Manager > Move

No gimmicks here, Clean Master sees that I only have one storage medium on my device. So why do I get these errors?

Google play AIDE
Google play (Trying to install an app that is less than 1MB in size) / AIDE (Trying to run an app)

I’m just confused about the whole thing. Everything else seems to be saying I have enough space, but apps are not being installed because I don’t have enough. What can I do here?

EDIT: Even more weirdness, it won’t let me install the 300Kb file with the image I posted above, but it lets me install a 3Mb file from the playstore. Basically I can install some apps but not others and it doesn’t matter the size, my device just wants to make me crazy no problem. Ex. This app (2.6M) installed fine, but this one (2.1M) didn’t due to “Not enough space”.

What I have tried:


Couple observations:

–> It let me install this App and still not letting me install the other apps I have tried with the insufficient memory message still showing

–> The above pic shows that I have enough space left on the /data partition to install atleast A LOT of apps!

  • Output of running the df command:

Terminal Emulator

Note I have tried the solution posted at the “Possible Duplicate” link and it did not work nor did I expect it to. The problem here is not that I have insufficient space to install apps because as you can see, I have a lot of space and I am able to install some apps. The problem is deeper than that and probably has to do with the way files are installed on my tablet

What can I do to manage my phone's internal storage?

If you’re not used to seeing the ‘low on internal storage’ notification, what is it that you’re doing to keep your phone’s internal memory from filling up so quickly?

The ‘SD Card and Phone Storage’ menu in the settings doesn’t really tell me much other than how much is free. And, I don’t really have that many applications installed. The top 5 storage hogging apps on my phone are Gmail (18.6 MB), Twitter (17.5 MB), Facebook (12.55 MB), Maps (9.63 MB), and Swype (6.06 MB).

So, are there apps out there (besides your normal file manager ones, like Astro) that will help monitor internal phone storage? Is there something I should be doing to keep my phone storage use to a minimum?

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