Can't download apps on Micromax A106 even though I have enough space

I am unable to download apps from the Play Store on my Micromax A106 even though I have space on the memory card and phone.

'Storage space is running low' while I have plenty of space remaining

I have an LG-D855 smartphone having 16 gigs of internal storage and running Android Kitkat 4.4. Although I have plenty of space remaining, the phone prompts Storage space is running low.. I had only installed an obb file of 1.2 gigs, which was of Fifa 14; and a few apps which sum up to around 3 gigs out of the total 16 gigs, yet the phone prompts so.

I deleted the obb files and it freed up around 8.5 GB of memory. Likewise, I guess 3 GB worth of apps filled up whole 16 GB. I have tried factory reset over and over, but in vain. Please help me.

Insufficient space – solution not working

I’ve looked at the solution for this and it doesnt work.

Some information from my device

Phone model V3+
Android version 4.4.2
Build number ALPS.JB3.MP.V1

Storage is set to SD card
Preferred install location is internal device storage
Internal Storage is 249MB, available 39.62MB (Apps using 185MB and Cached data 14.99MB)
Phone Storage is .89 GB, available 720MB and APPS using 128MB
SD card is 4GB, available 3.33 GB

The problem that I have is that I go into APPs and I dont find the option to delete downloaded files. All I can find is “force stop” or “uninstall” and if I hold in the bottom left button on the device, nothing happens when I am in the particular app. if I go up one level, and do the same on the downloaded screen, all I get is “Sort by size” and “reset app preferences”

Also, one issue which I find quite puzzling is that if I clear all open apps and lock the device, when I unlock it, I have to escape out of open screens – like device memory screens. It’s rather bizarre

Phone is reporting using more space than the total available storage

I have looked at the various other issues regarding used space, but they seem different from my issue. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, not rooted. The device has 4 GB internal memory in total, and yet as shown in the image below, the used space plus system memory is more than 4 GB already.

And yet the system does not report being out of memory, presumably because it also detects that it still has 484 MB available. All existing apps are also running without any issue. However, despite this amount of available space, I currently cannot install anything new from the app store.

The other threads I’ve looked at generally recommends using *#9900# to delete some logs. I’ve tried that, but it has no effect. And in any case, for those other issues, it is mostly that the used space reported is higher than expected, but the available space and the sum still makes sense, which is not the case here.

enter image description here

Google Play insufficient space error

I am using RED MI Note.

All my applications are installed in internal storage.

I have 2GB of space available in internal device.

But when i try to install and Greenify I am getting error that

"Not Enough Space Available"

I tried Many ways:

  1. Uninstall lots of apps (Cleared almost 1 GB)
  2. Uninstalled Play Store and Re-installed
  3. Cleared Cache of Play Services.
  4. Uninstalled Play Services.
  5. Cleared Data of Play Store.
  6. Install older version of play store.
  7. Cleared App cache of all apps.
  8. Downloaded apk and then installed (not worked)

9.Installed older version of apps that work earlier (not worked)

I am searching for this solution from several days. I tried almost every Possible solution on net.

I am asking it here so that i can get the solution.

NOTE I even tried complete factory reset. But It also doesn’t work

Not Enough Space?

So I have had my phone for about 4 months now and I have had this problem recently. When I go to download a app it says I dont have any space, so I check my storage and I have about 472MB left out of my 3GB phone. And it wont let me dowliad a 40MB app…why? And I have tried deleting all the cache abd restarting my phone but nothing works. And I dont want to keep getting rud of apps for new ones, I cant seem to fix tgis problem. So please tell me how to fix this?

“There is insufficient space on the device”–This is not duplicate [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

How to invert mount of SDCard

I’ve Android 4.3 Build JLS356C rooted. It’s a wiko WAX. I’ve three partition in my storage view: the Internal Storage 2Go, Phone Storage 500Mo and my SDCard 32Go. I use SD2link for passing the space and of the applications to my SDcard. I don’t know why but my phone storage is full and my android tells me I don’t have sufficient space disk.
Here my df command:

Filesystem               Size     Used     Free   Blksize
/dev                   440.3M    48.0K   440.3M   4096
/mnt/secure            440.3M     0.0K   440.3M   4096
/mnt/asec              440.3M     0.0K   440.3M   4096
/mnt/obb               440.3M     0.0K   440.3M   4096
/system                755.9M   424.5M   331.4M   4096
/cache                 263.8M     4.4M   259.4M   4096
/data                    2.0G     1.1G   887.4M   4096
/mnt/modem              15.7M     4.2M    11.5M   4096
/mnt/log                78.7M     4.0M    74.7M   4096
/storage/sdcard1        29.0G     6.1G    22.9G   16384
/mnt/secure/asec: Permission denied
/storage/sdcard0       499.0M     1.6M   497.5M   4096
/mnt/asec/     4.0M     2.2M     1.8M   4096

I modified the fstab.ceres on the root partition but that haven’t any effect.

How to tell the Android for put all data on the SDCARD.

Make my external SD card as my internal memory for apps [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

LG35G rooted, I used command prompt to edit the default storage location, yet its still downloading to phone memory?

I did everything the link said to do TWICE (Click here for link)

Yet my phone (Its an older phone an LG35G) says when I try to download facebook or even Rock Hero that my brother wants to play it says ‘Insufficient Memory’ when I check the install location using command prompt and it says its set to external. I want to put games on my phone so when we go to Maine my brother has something to do on the plane ride. Any ideas on what to do?

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