Why can't I download an App in my MyPhone

I have my MyPhone A919i Duo for the past 2 years. I usually use it for only music, videos, photos, games and book apps. But when the storage is finally filled, I dealt with it for almost a year. Then I decided to buy a SD card with 2 GB. First, I transferred all my photos, videos, and music. I undownloaded the apps before I even bought the SD card. So it shows that majority of my phone storage is in the SD Card. When I decided to download an app, for example is 360 Security which I just undownloaded, it said Insufficient space. I got dumbfounded. I deleted all that could be deleted except for some apps that needed to be in the phone fo it to function properly. But it still doesn’t let me download anything. One time, I tried to screenshot a pic, says it can’t capture the screenshot. Went to the Camera and saw that it has 2000mb+. What should I do?!

I have factory reset my phone, there is almost a gb of app installation space

My 16gb SD Card got corrupted today, so I lost all of my data as I was unable to format it.

The real problem is, I also factory reset my phone just now, so there is 16gb internal memory amd 1.5gb app installation memory, out of which only 400mb is used.

When I attempt a download from Google Play Store, they get downloaded completely however while installing, it gives an error message “Insufficient storage”. I’m fed up with this issue, I don’t know what to do.

Let me also tell you, my SD Card data was encrypted, so I was unable to format it, should this be a problem. However, I factory reset my phone and now internal memory can do nothing with it.

My phone is Intex Aqua Power HD running Android 4.4

No storage left on LG Optimus phone!

Please help! I own a LG Optimus phone, running android pp Verizon service. I also use avg cleaner everyday. But my phone will still say I don’t have room to download apps. I don’t really have any additional apps as is. Only what came with the phone, and about 5 others. This count doesn’t include my Gmail and Facebook. So with all that being said how do I reclaim some storage back? Sorry if I sound uneducated on tech matters, its because I’m. So any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank You…

What can I do to manage my phone's internal storage?

If you’re not used to seeing the ‘low on internal storage’ notification, what is it that you’re doing to keep your phone’s internal memory from filling up so quickly?

The ‘SD Card and Phone Storage’ menu in the settings doesn’t really tell me much other than how much is free. And, I don’t really have that many applications installed. The top 5 storage hogging apps on my phone are Gmail (18.6 MB), Twitter (17.5 MB), Facebook (12.55 MB), Maps (9.63 MB), and Swype (6.06 MB).

So, are there apps out there (besides your normal file manager ones, like Astro) that will help monitor internal phone storage? Is there something I should be doing to keep my phone storage use to a minimum?

Phone storage low on my LG-L38C

I’m not Android Phone literate, so bear with me please. I own an LG-L38C.


  • Total space: 1.00GB
  • Available Space: 795MB
  • System Memory Used: 155MB
  • Free: 2.92MB
  • SD Card Total Space: 3.63GB
  • Available: 3.22GB

I have no idea what the difference between GB or MB is, but it keeps telling me my phone storage is getting low.

It won’t let me add any more names to my contact list, but yet, I only have 21 names listed.

My music is on my SD card, so I don’t think that could be the problem. I have no idea what half the items in storage use are even for or what they mean, so I don’t dare delete them.
I’ve cleared all my caches, and even went as far as deleting several videos and photos, to no avail.

As I mentioned, I’m not very smart when it comes to this sort of thing, but when I first got the phone, I just assumed that there was an antivirus installed automatically.
I went over a year before I found out that I had to get my own protection. I wasn’t sure which one to get from the app store, so I chose CM Security. It’s 23.15MB. It almost seems like my phone storage got low after I installed the CM Security app.
I had tried another different one first, but I didn’t have room for that, so went with the CM.

The only thing I have ever downloaded was that security app and MP3 Music Downloader FREE. I’m about ready to toss this thing in the trash!! I’ve never liked it from day one! Especially since the day that I accidentally deleted an album of photos and Straighttalk told me that there was no way to retrieve them back!
If only I had known to move them to my SD Card!

If you could please help me to fix my storage problem that would be wonderful! I’m feeling totally lost and can’t call Straighttalk because I can’t understand a word they are saying.

Space Issue on data directory Android using Galaxy Note

I am using Galaxy Note 1 and have 2GB of data directory in which i install and use thirdparty apps. But the data directory was almost always full, so I rooted my device to find out what was taking the space. i.e 500 MB is taken by apps and have 200 MB free but cant account for the Rest.

I have deleted stock apps from system/apps directory using no bloat but it dosent free space on data directory.

I know how to use adb shell but doing ls -l at every directory dosent sounds v good. How can i find out whats taking my space. And can we delete files in dalvik cache?

Insufficient memory. First aids tried. Everything is tried! Pls help!

We have two phones with same problem.
1) Micromax Canvas A110
Ice cream sandwich 4.04


On rebooting( turning the phone and switching it on again), all APPS disappear!!

Contacts disappear. All downloaded apps are gone!
But their shortcuts are there on homescreens. When touched it says APP NOT INSTALLED.

Trying to download again is impossible.

A) Tried moving all Apps to INTERNAL SD CARD. (only two options show, Internal storage & internal SD card).
Most apps are not movable. Show in Grey. Does not allow to move from internal.

B) Default write disk is EXTERNAL SD CARD

C) Tried clear cache. Tried clear data from Google PlayStore but it still does not allow to download!

2) MICROMAX CANAVAS A300 (Micromax Canvas gold)
32GB inbuilt memory. No expandable storage in any external SD Card.
I can’t tell you how it has ruined my life..

Very much used to always cut paste apps, pictures & every other data to expandable SD card helps in Samsung Note 3 and other phones, an inbuilt restricted memory of 32GB still seemed ok.
Only that apps don’t use it!

I still move to ‘Phone storage’ from ‘Internal Storage’.
Because apparently ‘Phone Storage’ is better than ‘Internal’.

But I’m still haunted by Insufficient storage. Insufficient space problems whenever I try to install a new app. I’ve to compromise and Uninstall a few apps and also run 360 to clean system junk files and residual files.

Pls help! I’m sick and tired of this! Badly need to have whatsapp messenger back in place for mom

False “Out of memory” when 800Mb available when instaling app

I use a Samsung Galaxy pocket plus.
2Gb on board and 2Gb sd card.
It’s got normal root installed.

I want to install a app of 2Mb with about 800mb or more free and I’ve deleted numarous data hogs like fb twiter ans.

I cleared cache and tombstones.

I cleared the logs.

And I still get this stupid thing saying out of memory.

And a developer told me to install diskUsage but I cant install anything

*#9900# not working on LG G3 Beat/Mini

I’ve just updated to the latest version of Android OS and I keep getting the “Insufficient Memory” error message. It seems there is 4GB allocated to “Misc”, which I’m guessing would be fixed by deleting the dump file, but for some reason I can’t access the menu via *#9900#. Are there any other methods to doing this?

(I do not keep media files on my phone at all and have already moved many of my apps to my SD card. I’ve also run CCleaner and cleared all of the major apps’ caches)

partitioning internal meomory of android device

i restored factory settings on my Ajos tablet and in the process it renamed the internal sd to internal storage and now isnt supporting applications what can I do

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