Insufficient memory with my andriod phone [duplicate]

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HTC Desire 520 – how to set default storage to SD card?

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I could not find another answer to help with this.

I am trying to set my HTC Desire 520 (Cricket if that helps) storage so that it will default to the SD card. This way I can avoid the stupid “low storage” message since it comes with such abysmal internal storage. Is there any way to do this?

HTC Desire 520
Android 5.1
Software number 1.10.506.2

Edit: I am trying to set the phone settings so the default storage is set to save items to the SD card instead of phone storage. I.E. when I download something, I want it to go the SD card, not the internal storage.

App wasn't installed after 100% downloaded on play store due to insufficient storage

After a completion of my update,that app was not installed on my phone due to insufficient storage.I don’t have SD loop Card and that app which I have updated recently was lost. Any idea? or Do I have to update again after managing my memory space?

storage space running out, wont let me download anything

My phone says that I am running out of storage. when I try to download an App to get rid of some of it, it just keeps telling me that I have insufficient storage

Avoid saving cached data in the smartphone

Is there a way to avoid smartphone to save “cached data”, I have always many MBs used by them, but since I have a little space on the phone when I have to update apps I get the message “insufficient storage space” and so I have to clear manually this space.

What could I do?

the internal storage is stopping me from downloading any apps and games when i have loads of room on my sd card help please

I only have 5 apps installed, yet I can not download any more. I have planty of roam on SD card and some on phone storage, but this ‘internal storage’ is stopping me. How do I fix this Without clearing cache because this gets rid of game progress. It says there is 28gb left on the SD card and some spaco on the actual phone storage. The make is a android. Ireally want more apps but it just says there isn’t room to install them. And what is internal storage?? Thanks really want this problem solved. Thanks.

insufficient storage even with marshmallow sd card formatted for internal space and plenty of space

When I try to install an app from the Play Store I am getting the “insufficient storage” message but I have 20 GB free on my SD card that is formatted for internal storage. I am using a Moto G 2nd generation. Why can’t I install new apps?

How can I download apps from play store directly to my external SD card?

So my phone is an Alcatel One touch that has about 1.88 GB of internal storage, I downloaded about 3 apps and the memory isinsufficient. Obviously I bought a 16 GB external SD card, the problem is the apps are still downloading to the internal storage and won’t transfer to the external. I tried to clear the cache of google play services but it didnt work. Please give suggestions. Hoping for this to get answered

Internal memory on my Android is full: even after factory reset (and no apps downloaded). What can I do?

I can download apps of up to 16 MB or so but that’s about it. I can’t free up enough space to download a single “big” app like Facebook. And it’s weird because my phone was able to download this app (and many more) the first time I used it.

So I’m guessing there must be junk files on my internal memory, but I’ve done EVERYTHING in my hands to find them: deleted cache; logcat; even apps like “Clean Master”.

Is there anything I can do to at least download Facebook and nothing else? I don’t want to buy a new one just to use that app. My device isn’t rooted by the way.

EDIT: Sorry for adding a reply down there. I asked the question as a guest and then realized I couldn’t logged as said guest again to comment on my post.

If it helps, running the app “DiskUsage”, I get this info:

Out of 186.4 MB of internal memory:
132.8 MB appear to be free; 32 MB are taken by the system data; and 21.6 by apps (they’re all system apks that take up the space: Google Play 9.05 MB; Maps 3.01 MB; Gmail 2.26 MB; etc.)

How can I move apps to SD on non-adopted Marshmallow storage?

Everyone seems to be getting excited about Marshmallow’s adoptable storage feature, but to me it seems like a major regression. There can be several reasons for not adopting external storage:

  1. When upgrading from Lollipop, I already have an SD card full of stuff. So re-formatting it and erasing everything in order to convert it to adoptable storage is a major disincentive. That would require transferring many GB of data off the device, re-formatting, and then transferring it back on, and I’m not sure how to do that in a robust manner or whether it’s even possible, since adopted storage probably stores stuff in different ways.
  2. My SD card might be too slow for it to make sense using it as an extension of internal storage.
  3. I want to be able to use my removable SD card in other devices (e.g. quickly transferring huge video files to a laptop).

Based on these reasons, if I don’t adopt storage, AFAICS that means that apps can only be stored on internal memory. And since I have a lot of apps, that means that since the Marshmallow upgrade, my device is regularly close to full, causing lots of functionality to break.

So is there really no way to move apps to non-adopted external SD storage on Marshmallow? If so, do I have any alternative besides uninstalling apps to free space, or downgrading to Lollipop? If not, this would be hugely disappointing and suggest that Google really didn’t think carefully enough before providing this feature.

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