Internal memory issues

So I have a ZTE obsidian (z820) running lollipop 5.1 and I have a 16gb micro SD card in it. There is no way to root this phone that I have found after weeks of searching, and I need to move my apps or at least install new ones to my SD card. Under “default write disk” I have the SD card checked off, but the phone still tries to install the apps to the phone. I’ve rolled back all the apps I don’t use that come stock to their stock versions and disabled them to free up some space and I use the apps I have (not many) but I still get insufficient storage error when I try to install apps. Even internal memory has over 300mb free yet apps only a few megs refuse to install until I delete stuff. Is there anything I can do to remedy this situation??

I’ve searched around any have no idea what to do.

Inconsistence when showing internal memory size

I’ve done a lot of research trying to deal with ‘absurd’ ‘not enough internal storage’ errors when updating my apps on my Huawei Ascend P7. I’ve got those messages although I’ve got over 2 GB free. I’ve made my SD card my default storage, as well as I’ve moved application data (for heavy apps like Locus, that download a lot) to SD card. Now I have over 3,5GB free internal storage, but still I get those ‘stupid’ error messages.

However, although the storage tools is showing me: Total: 5,49 GB, Free: 3.54GB, when I go to Apps/Internal Storage, it shows me Internal Storage: Total: 1,97GB, free: 217MB.

Why is it so?
I’ve read something, that Android reserves 2GB space for apps, which is absurdly small if you have 8GB internal storage. Is there any option to increase that value to some more reasonable value? My phone is not rooted, my android version is 3.4.0 (Kernel version) and 4.4.2 (Android version).

I have enough memory but I can't install anything! [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

My phone has a 32g memery card,

It keep saying low on storage but I have like 20 gigs left on my SD card. What is the reason for this and what can I do to actually use the SD card space left?

Moto e 1st missing internal memory ..?

Recently I started to get insufficient memory a problem. When I checked with storage I saw that I have 200mb available but it seems another 500mb free space is missing.

Total 2.17 GB

Available 283MB

App 1.21GB

Pic and Video 2.50MB

Audio 128KB

Download 400KB

Cached Data 2.09MB

Misc 11.55MB

If you add all the above you should get 2.17GB(Total memory). It seems it is not showing more than 500mb in available memory.

Is it problem with phone or Android 5.1..?

Note :

I even reset the whole phone yet problem persists.

I didn’t root the phone.

Disk Info Screenshots

Text details from DiskInfo

DiskInfo :: condor_retaildsds

Internal Storage (ZRAM)

* zram0 [zram0] Not mounted

Internal Storage (MMC)

  • modem [mmcblk0p1] (/firmware) [ext4]
    Used: 45 MB, Free: 19 MB, Total space: 64 MB
  • sbl1 [mmcblk0p2] Not mounted
  • DDR [mmcblk0p3] Not mounted
  • aboot [mmcblk0p4] Not mounted
  • rpm [mmcblk0p5] Not mounted
  • tz [mmcblk0p6] Not mounted
  • sdi [mmcblk0p7] Not mounted
  • utags [mmcblk0p8] Not mounted
  • logs [mmcblk0p9] Not mounted
  • padA [mmcblk0p10] Not mounted
  • abootBackup [mmcblk0p11] Not mounted
  • rpmBackup [mmcblk0p12] Not mounted
  • tzBackup [mmcblk0p13] Not mounted
  • sdiBackup [mmcblk0p14] Not mounted
  • utagsBackup [mmcblk0p15] Not mounted
  • padB [mmcblk0p16] Not mounted
  • modemst1 [mmcblk0p17] Not mounted
  • modemst2 [mmcblk0p18] Not mounted
  • hob [mmcblk0p19] Not mounted
  • dhob [mmcblk0p20] Not mounted
  • fsg [mmcblk0p21] (/fsg) [ext4]
    Used: 1.5 MB, Free: 1 KB, Total space: 1.5 MB
  • fsc [mmcblk0p22] Not mounted
  • ssd [mmcblk0p23] Not mounted
  • sp [mmcblk0p24] Not mounted
  • cid [mmcblk0p25] Not mounted
  • pds [mmcblk0p26] (/pds) [ext4]
    Used: 2.1 MB, Free: 920 KB, Total space: 3 MB
  • logo [mmcblk0p27] Not mounted
  • clogo [mmcblk0p28] Not mounted
  • persist [mmcblk0p29] (/persist) [ext4]
    Used: 7.2 MB, Free: 828 KB, Total space: 8 MB
  • misc [mmcblk0p30] Not mounted
  • boot [mmcblk0p31] Not mounted
  • recovery [mmcblk0p32] Not mounted
  • Cache [mmcblk0p33] (/cache) [ext4]
    Used: 15 MB, Free: 439 MB, Total space: 454 MB
  • System [mmcblk0p34] (/system) [ext4]
    Used: 815 MB, Free: 80.7 MB, Total space: 896 MB
  • kpan [mmcblk0p35] Not mounted
  • Data (userdata) [mmcblk0p36] (/data) [ext4]

    Used: 1.9 GB, Free: 267 MB, Total space: 2.2 GB

Internal Storage (mmcblk0r)

* mmcblk0rpmb [mmcblk0rpmb] Not mounted

SD Card

  • SD card [mmcblk1p1] (/mnt/media_rw/sdcard1, /mnt/secure/asec, /storage/sdcard1) [vfat]

    Used: 3 GB, Free: 4.4 GB, Total space: 7.4 GB


  • dm-0 [dm-0] (/mnt/asec/ [ext4]
    Used: 9.9 MB, Free: 2.3 MB, Total space: 12.2 MB
  • dm-1 [dm-1] (/mnt/asec/ [ext4]
    Used: 10.2 MB, Free: 2.1 MB, Total space: 12.2 MB
  • dm-2 [dm-2] (/mnt/asec/livio.pack.lang.en_US-2) [ext4]

    Used: 19.1 MB, Free: 2.4 MB, Total space: 21.4 MB

tmpfs mount points

  • /dev [tmpfs]
    Used: 68 KB, Free: 455 MB, Total space: 455 MB
  • /mnt/asec [tmpfs]
    Used: 0 B, Free: 455 MB, Total space: 455 MB
  • /mnt/obb [tmpfs]
    Used: 0 B, Free: 455 MB, Total space: 455 MB
  • /storage/emulated [tmpfs]

    Used: 0 B, Free: 455 MB, Total space: 455 MB


  • RAM
    Used: 518 MB, Free: 396 MB, Total space: 914 MB
  • Swap
    Used: 120 MB, Free: 135 MB, Total space: 255 MB

Why can't install 15MB app when I have 180MB free?

I want to install an app from Google Play, where it’s said it has 14.99MB.

However, when I click on Install, it says “Insufficient storage”.

When I click View Storage, there says 180MB available.

Why can’t I just download it to the SD Card?

As I see, this has been a persistent error, though in other posts people are talking about 15 MB of free space. I got more than 10 times that, so isn’t it strange?

Also, the Storage screen don’t show the available space as part of the bar “Device Memory”, above. Does that happens with anyone else?

I’m using a Sony Xperia.

Thanks in advance.

I have enough memory but I can't install anything! [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

move apps to internal memory from system memory?

I have LG e405. How do i get downloaded apps /any app from system/phone memory to goto internal memory?there are heaps more that i need to know but most apps and things seem to have disappeared from phone , now no room to reinstall them? This 3rd or 4th time has happened. Ok will not be far away, thanks

Insufficient Space to install new app…!! Even when i have 2.10gb space remaining

i have Motorola Electrify m and whenever i install app it says “Insufficient space please clear up some memory” bt i have 2.10 gb free space in my phone memory. This issue have come up after i have rooted this device. Initially there was no bugs then this has came so i tried to clear my complete memory but it didn’t help. Please tell me if there’s any solution for this.

What Google Apps can I disable?

I’m using a Kitkat 4.4.4 based phone (Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3)
For the most part I don’t use G+ or Maps or most of the Google apps provided.
But I do prefer documents being backed up, so I’ve refrained from shutting down the google app entirely.

Being a phone of very low ram, it kinda cripples the performance. As far as I understand in Android it’s not a good idea to kill apps (so normally I hibernate the stuff I don’t use). I prefer having the RAM full with apps I actually use.

I’m not really sure what I should be doing with the Google apps. And I would prefer not voiding my warranty by creating a swap partition (using root)

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