How to see what is stored in System memory area?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ tablet (Android 4.1.2, not rooted). I tried to install a big app recently and it failed because it said that I didn’t have enough space.

When I go into Settings > Storage, this is what I see:
8GB – Total Space
2.83GB – Apps
199MB – Pictures, videos
116KB – Audio
18.69MB – Downloads
3.47GB – Miscellaneous files
1.14GB – Available space

The 3.47GB for Miscellaneous files seems really odd to me. When I select the “Miscellaneous files” item, it says that most of the space (3.33GB) is being used for “System Memory” and the rest contains a number of small files.

I have tried restarting it, cleaning out cache of various apps, and a lot of poking around with a file manager. I have also moved as many apps to SD Card as possible, but most of my apps don’t support that function.

I just can’t understand what is taking up almost half the available storage space. Is this normal operating system stuff that can’t be cleaned up? Is there a way to see what is contained within and clean some of that space up? If there is one particular app that is taking up a ton of “System Memory” space, then I might be willing to remove it. Note that I have looked at the applications through Application manager, sorted by size, and the largest app is only using 323MB of app space.

Insufficient Storage Available During Update

Preface (TL;DR)

I know the issue of insufficient space has been discussed in various contexts but I have not found anything that specifically addresses the circumstances and issues that I am facing, so I am hoping to get some feedback that would help me better understand what is going on.

I have an HTC EVO 4g from Sprint running Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) which has been unlocked using the Dev patch provided by HTC. Although it is rooted and I can apply a custom ROM to it, I have not done so yet for several reasons I won’t get into but my issue should be independent of that. This phone is by far (in my humble opinion) one of the best and most stable piece of hardware that HTC has produced to date and I couldn’t be happier with the phone, hence why I have not upgraded to a newer device. I know the older OS is a turn off to many and I agree that I wish I was running a higher version but most of them don’t honor the latest drivers available which means you lose 4G functionality among other things. So I have stuck with it for now until such time as an updated drivers are released (doubtful but one can hope).

I have an 8 GB SD card (7.39 GB usable) and 4.05 GB free – since I move anything that has the option to run off the SD card to external storage. I have 500 MB internal storage (427 MB usable) and a little over 60 MB free. I have never had issues updating anything since the space present has always been enough to install or update before moving stuff to free more space.

The problem

Recently when updating apps it often gives me the insufficient storage available message – but it makes no sense to me.

Storage facts:

  • external SD with 8 GB (4 GB free)
  • internal storage with 500 MB (60 MB free)
  • example problematic app: apk size ~6 MB / installed size 11.46 MB

Detailed problem (again: TL;DR)

Specifically the app that is giving the problem recently is Lookout Security & Antivirus which has never been an issue and is only 6 MB and change but it will download it and when attempting to install pops that error. I don’t get how a 6 MB file that has never had issue updating on less than 40 MB space is now giving me problems with over 60 MB free? The baffling part is that occasionally it WILL actually update just fine without issue and I have checked my cache and stuff, nothing there, no other apps running that would hog space or anything, so what’s wrong? How can I mitigate this? Another bizarre thing that started to happen is that internal apps like Facebook which are bloated on there whether I like it or not and I use rarely are giving me problems too by issuing the invalid page file error. I mean what?

So what’s going on here? What is wrong or what can I do to make it right so it stops being stupid like this? As I said, NEVER had a single issue with this phone, EVER, but in the past month it has driven me absolutely NUTS. I have even uninstalled applications that don’t provide the move to SD option to free up nominal space and it stabilizes for like 2 days and then bam, back to square one even though it has more space now. I am at my wits end and I would appreciate the help; especially not being a novice this is even more mind boggling to me.

UPDATE: 10/26/13 @7:45 AM
The application updated normally without giving the error and it did so while the internal storage had only 43 MB (as opposed to the 60 MB when it failed numerously). This lends itself to even more confusion as to what is going on. The ONLY thing that was done in the meantime was that I rebooted the phone (actually more like I was low on power, shut it down and when I connected it to the charger, turned it on)

How to see which applications are saved on phone

Recently I get a lot of warnings that the internal memory is full, which also led to full SMS memory.

What I did was to delete some messages, which seemed to work for a while.
Yesterday however, I installed some updates and those warnings messages came up again.

Is there a way to find out which application are installed on my phone?
A rather indirect way is to remove the SD card and see which applications are on.

Is there a way to figure this out in a direct way?

Why an SD-card saved app uses phone memory

Lately I had issues with my phone’s (Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570) internal memory aw well as with the SMS memory. I deleted all unwanted messages, rooted my phone and used Link2SD to move some apps as well as link other ones on my SD card.

Yesterday I installed some apps from Samsung Apps and I am facing a rather weird situation. Note that before the installation I had ~20 MB free phone memory.

All those apps are installed on the SD card(at least that’s what Link2SD says). The moment I finished the installation I got the error message that

my phone’s internal memory is nearly full

I used APPMGR III to see what is my free memory and I found out that I had only ~5 MB left! I was so surprised!

I decided to delete all the new apps only just to find out that after that I had only ~12MB free!

Why did that happened? I checked to see if any app cached but everything seems OK. I keep having the message about the internal memory as well as the SMS one.

How can I fix that? Where did my free memory go?

Move app data to SD

I would like to move some of my app’s data to the SD card. I am running Android 2.2.1 so I cannot use Simple2Ext.

I would also like to avoid Data2SD because I’ve read some bad reviews let alone when I search it on PlayStore the responce is tha the application cannot be found.

I have also tried Link2SD and AppMgr III but those apps don’t actualy remove data, as I have read in the app2sd tag-wiki

What can I do to move selectively my app’s dat?

Insufficient memory nfs most wanted

I have samsung galaxy ace plus s7500 with 1.8 GB available internal storage and 8GB memory card. I want to run NFS most wanted on it that take around 2GB of space. Could you please tell me a way to run it on my phone. Please help.
Thank you.

find out applications getting closed due to low memory

Whenever I am working with any app (for e.g. browser), or, playing a game on my samsung tablet gt-p3100 I get a notification at the bottom of my screen saying “Application getting closed due to low memory”.

Any way I can possibly find out those applications and chuck them out or change their settings?

Something is secretly eating up my Acer Iconia A500 internal memory and I need help finding it

I’ve been a happy owner of an Acer Iconia A500 for a bit over a year now but a couple of weeks ago it started to complain about its internal memory being full.
I was a bit surprised as I keep movies, and such on the external SD card but I assumed is was some browser cache, Maps or so which had eaten up a fair chunk of the 32G memory it has internally.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have cleared the data of almost every single App I have installed but still if I look at the Storage tab of the settings I see the following (a couple of hours ago):

700M+643M+0.2M+64M+98M is clearly not 27G

I get the feeling that the rightmost grey part of the bar should be a bit more than 379MB… (SD Card at the bottom of the picture is the external one, never mind that one).

I’ve tried almost every disk usage app available out there and they all show similar results, the following is DiskView (picture taken after I removed a few apps):

DiskView output

(in this picture “SD Card” is the internal one…)

One thing all the disk usage apps seems to have in common is that unless the device is rooted, they cannot see what is in some directories (like /data) which makes me think it is either Android itself (4.0.3 on this device) which has some kind of cache which is misbehaving or that some process is producing extreme amounts of logs somewhere.

Sorry for this long intro, but the basic question is: How do I proceed?

I guess one alternative is to find what is worth backing up and do a factory reset or something but I wold really like to find out what happened first.

Rooting it is an alternative which would probably help me find out more but I sort of like it as it is (except for this issue). If it is needed to resolve it I could of course do it but it feels like you shouldn’t have to with an appliance like this.

Is there another way forward? I have this naive hope that there is a button somewhere I haven’t seen that clears all logs or reduce the log level from debug to info.

Edit: One thing I’ve been considering but cannot investigate is if it could be cores. I’ve had a lot of crashes lately (presumably because it has been running low on disk). In response to Izzy’s comment below. Apps adds up to more or less exactly the 700MB listed as “Apps” (seems to be the total of data and the apps themselves).

Cannot open Gallery to delete files, due to running out of space

I have a rather funny though annoying problem. I’ve filled the memory of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 up with photos, videos, apps and offline maps, and now I have a “Not enough storage space” warning. I would like to delete the photos and videos I do not need, but when trying to open the Gallery, I get a message “Not enough space. Delete unnecessary items such as … pictures, videos…” So I need more space to run Gallery to free some space. Any workaround?

How can i move my installed apps in SD card on Sony Xperia Ray

I can’t install new apps, it says that my phone memory is running low. And I can’t move my apps on SD card.

I also want to uninstall unnecessary apps on my phone but its says that “this can’t be uninstalled”. How to uninstall it?

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