“Low Memory Space” but my space is plenty [duplicate]

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*#9900# doesn't work in 2.3.3 any alternatives?

I have insufficient interval memory due to large system files. I have tried *#9900# but there is no option to delete the dump state or logcat files on 2.3.3.
What other methods can I use on a non rooted phone to achieve the same result?

How move applications from built-in memory to SD-card without root access?

I have Sony Xperia M.
It has 4GB of built-in memory, however I see only 2GB)))

The fact of applications can be installed only in built-in memory upset me very much.
I do not play any hard games. Heavy one, I’ve installed, is 150MB program of off-line maps with 3 city and it occupies all of place((( Now I have a 16GB of free place on my SD-card and I get a message every minute, that it is not enough memory for android. It is very sad news.

I have moved or deleted from built-in memory everything I can.
Can I explain to my phone that sd-memory is exactly the same memory as a built-in?
Or somehow can I move one my heavy application to sd-card, keep it works?
Or what do you advice me with this?

Thank you in advance.

Default install location?

I need to know how to find out the default install location on my Xolo Q1100 mobile – i.e. where media, games, apps etc. are placed by default, Phone storage or SD card.

Is there any way to find this out?

What can I do to manage my phone's internal storage?

If you’re not used to seeing the ‘low on internal storage’ notification, what is it that you’re doing to keep your phone’s internal memory from filling up so quickly?

The ‘SD Card and Phone Storage’ menu in the settings doesn’t really tell me much other than how much is free. And, I don’t really have that many applications installed. The top 5 storage hogging apps on my phone are Gmail (18.6 MB), Twitter (17.5 MB), Facebook (12.55 MB), Maps (9.63 MB), and Swype (6.06 MB).

So, are there apps out there (besides your normal file manager ones, like Astro) that will help monitor internal phone storage? Is there something I should be doing to keep my phone storage use to a minimum?

Problems with downloading apps

I have recently brought a Samsung Cooper and when i was trying to download an app from the market it keeps saying insufficient memory on device. My phone has a 16GB memory card and the internal memory i big enough for the app.

Does anyone have any ideas why its saying this please.


Cant find the delete dumpstate/logcat on my Galaxy TXT (Y Pro, B5510)

My internal storage keeps running low, even though I keep removing apps, and I only have a handful of apps installed. I cant install updates anymore either for the ones I do have because of this. I read somewhere that i could try deleting the dumpstate/logcats by dialing *#9900# using the 2nd option: Delete dumpstate/logcat, but after dialing that number, this option is not showing up anywhere on the Sysdump list of my phone. Is there some other way to use this option?

Pendivre USB OTG on Nexus4?

Does Nexus4 supports a use a USB pendrive (up to 64Gb)?

If yes, with the USB OTG is I can navigate in the folders of the pendrive from the smartphone?

Is it possible to copy file from pendrive to N4 and from N4 to pendrive?

Android storage problem

With a phone of 1 GB internal memory, I am able to install apps for 700 MB only. More than that I get the insufficient memory alert.

Storage shows
Total space 0.98

Available 71.49
Apps 601
Cache 1.88

Another phone of the same model is able to able to install apps for the entire 1GB.

Phone runs on Android version 4.2.x. Default write disk is external SD card.

Thanks in advance. Screenshots below:



Save Applications to SD Card

I recently purchased an LG Optimus F6 Android phone. Apparently it only has just over 1GB of internal storage, and after having installed just a few apps during a lunch break, the phone was already out of memory within 24 hours. I purchased a 64GB SD card, inserted it, and formatted it.

The Storage pane accessed through Settings shows the 64GB free memory as does the file browser on my laptop when I plug it in. I have managed to get the phone to save some pictures to this location, but when I try to install even a 1MB wallpaper from the Play Store,

I get an insufficient storage memory error. I can’t figure out how to make the phone utilize the SD memory card for apps… is it not possible? To make things more weird, I have used a memory cleaning app to delete junk files, but even after it says that it freed up almost 300MB, the phone still reports insufficient storage for my 1MB wallpaper and other 2MB app I need to install. I tried restarting it.

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