Can't install .apk via adb to SD Card

Alright, so I’ve made an Android app that runs fine on the emulator from Eclipse, but I can’t get it to install on my actual device.

I connect my phone to my PC via USB(USB Debugging enabled), I’ve run

adb device


adb shell pm set-install-location 2

and then try running

adb install -s <path to .apk>

but receive

1520 KB/s (18699735 bytes in 12.007s)
        pkg: /sdcard/tmp/<apkname>.apk
rm failed for -f, No such file or directory

Why does this happen? I’ve tried installing it both with and without the line:


in the manifest file, but it seems to fail each time, can someone please let me know why and how I can actually get my app to install?

EDIT: I found the .apk file in my android’s tmp folder, and tried installing it from my phone, instead, but I still run into a problem: my phone tells me there’s insufficient storage and it can’t install the app, even though I set the install location to the SD card, which has more than enough space on it to install the apk. So is my phone trying to install the SD card but failing for some reason, or is it instead, for some reason, trying to install to internal storage rather than the SD card, which it should NOT be doing?

insufficient space? [duplicate]

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Get Rid of Google Play Services

I am using Micromax A80 with Android A80 from last two years. (Android Ginger bread, RAM of just 256MB)

From last two weeks Google Play services application is taking too much memory and phone gives error message like insufficient memory to work.

How to get rid of this problem ?

Is it safe to un-install Google Play Service App itself ?

Missing space/Storage space running out Galaxy S2 [tried almost every solution I can find!] [duplicate]

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insufficient space with space plenty available

My tablet has internal memory of 4g and external (not sd cart) memory 32g.
When downloading apps stored only in the internal memory an nothing to the external.
How to direct my downloads to the external card ??

re-partitioning android phone's internal memory

I have a Micromax Unite 2 Android phone.

The original internal memory was 8 GB, but now it shows me only 1.67 GB.

I used a third party app to see what happened.

It shows me unallocated space in 4 different partitions, each one is 700 MB. Other partitions are system, userdata, cache etc.

Currently my phone has Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Is there any command to do that from terminal? How to allocate that space? Please help me.

internal memory

My phones internal memory is only 2GB. I only have very few apps like facebook, viber, etc.

When I bought my phone I installed a lot of apps and games but did not have any problems with the internal memory. All of my apps, photos, musicc etc are saved in the SD card. How come I now have a very low memory left internally when I have a lot less apps and games compared to before?

insufficient space on the device in my Micromax canvas 4 what to do [duplicate]

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What can I do to manage my phone's internal storage?

If you’re not used to seeing the ‘low on internal storage’ notification, what is it that you’re doing to keep your phone’s internal memory from filling up so quickly?

The ‘SD Card and Phone Storage’ menu in the settings doesn’t really tell me much other than how much is free. And, I don’t really have that many applications installed. The top 5 storage hogging apps on my phone are Gmail (18.6 MB), Twitter (17.5 MB), Facebook (12.55 MB), Maps (9.63 MB), and Swype (6.06 MB).

So, are there apps out there (besides your normal file manager ones, like Astro) that will help monitor internal phone storage? Is there something I should be doing to keep my phone storage use to a minimum?

How can I deal with “Low on Space” messages on my Android?

I keep getting the “Low on Space: Application data space is low. To free up” [the rest is cut off] message.

I’ve moved every app I can over to the SD card, cleared the cache, compacted my K9 mail cache.

Advanced Task Killer (ouch!) says I have 98M Available Memory

File Manager says I have 223M/748M (29%) free.

That’s not so bad — but I’m stuck in the no-updates scenario. The market downloads won’t really start, gmail won’t update, etc. I’ve rebooted several times, and nothing changes. Aaaargh.

What can be done, other than uninstalling everything ?

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