my tablet says insufficient memory but has not used any

Got my daughter a tablet at xmas and trying to download games for her but it just keeps saying insufficient memory I’ve tried the first aid hints and still nothing

insufficient space on device [duplicate]

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unable to open gallery

I am unable to open my gallery as it shows NOT ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE DELETE SOFTWARES SUCH AS VIDEOS PICTURES ETC. But when I restart the phone the problem is solved for few minutes. What should I do? Someone plz suggest.

ZTE Midnight Memory [duplicate]

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htc desire internal storage

My new HTC Desire only comes with 4 Gb space and I have an SD card in it also. Even though I make changes in my settings for all stuff to get put on my SD; my phone is still maxed out with something in the “other” category, taking all my space.

internal storage error

I hav my new htc desire 816g. Its been a month i hav been using it without any problem. But after i updated my software build no. To 1.24.720.001, i m hav this issue that there is “insufficient space on the device” even though i hav 500mb of free space. I hav cleared the cache manually and used ‘clean master app’ to clean-up my junk. But its not working. I even tried a code ‘*#9900#’ even that does nothing. Please help!!

swap internal sd card to external storage

I wanna make my external sd my internal one without having the need to use an app. So Instead of having 8GB of internal storage I want to have 64GB (taken from the micro sd card). It worked on my previous phone Gt-i8530 if I changed the vold file to this:

internal sdcard

ums_sys_path = /sys/class/android_usb/f_mass_storage/lun0/file
secure_format = enable
discard = enable
dev_mount sdcard1 /storage/extSdCard 8 /devices/sdi2/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0 encryptable_nonremovable

external sdcard

ums_sys_path = /sys/class/android_usb/f_mass_storage/lun1/file
supported_exfat = disable
android_secure_containers = enable
dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 auto /devices/sdi0/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1

So now I want to do that same thing on my new phone SM-G3858. But I only have in vold:

storage_struct = series, “/mnt/sdcard/extStorages”

storage_struct = parallel

supported_exfat = yes
dev_mount sdcard /storage/extSdCard auto /devices/platform/sdhci-pxav3.0/mmc_host/mmc1

Now what do I need to change or add here to swap it as on the previous phone? I´m a bit confused that a) it right away says extsdcard here and b) that there is only one command line instead of 2 . I guess the reason is the #storage structure?

And suggestions please?

ls: <filename>: Cannot allocate memory

I’m having out of memory problems with rsync in CYM11. However, I realized now that the problem is more serious. For some files, when I simply try to list one single file with name somefilename in the terminal emulator, I get:

 $ ls somefilename
 ls: somefilename: Cannot allocate memory

If I do ls over the somefilename parent folder (with 30 files only), I see several files but not somefilename.

But then, after a wile, the error is gone…

Clues? Maybe a card problem?



PS: [rant] I’m having too many problems with CYM11! [rant]

Regarding the “Error Downloading: insufficient space” error in the Google Play store [duplicate]

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How to delete SIM card messages in Kit Kat

How to delete SIM card messages in Kit Kat? Usually I get the SIM card is full error, but if I try to delete the messages I get the error Unfortunately, messaging has stopped. This is a Micromax Canvas A1.

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