No-code sandboxed solutions (NCSS) and Sharepoint 2013 App Model

Microsoft recently clarified its stand on Sandbox solutions.

“While developing sandboxed solutions that contain only declarative markup and JavaScript — which we call no-code sandboxed solutions (NCSS) — is still viable, we have deprecated the use of custom managed code within the sandboxed solution.”

Both NCSS(no-code sandboxed solutions) and app model can have only declarative markup and Javascript files. Is it safe to say that NCSS won’t be of much value for a SharePoint 2013 farm configured for apps already? Are there any scenarios where you would prefer NCSS over app model?

What are the steps involved in publishing provider hosted apps to SharePoint store/Office store/App marketplace?

Auto-hosted apps are not supported by Microsoft from next month, June 2014 onwards, Microsoft is recommending auto hosted apps to be converted to provider hosted apps. Publishing a SharePoint hosted app is relatively simpler as it is web scoped and all components are included in .app package.

What are the steps involved in publishing provider hosted apps to SharePoint store/Office store/App marketplace?

Image does not load in IE,

In my auto hosted app i have this very boring img tag

<img src=""/>

The image is in a asset library where all authenticated users have access.

If i deploy my app on the site it works fine in firefox or chrome and the image shows perfectly.

However in IE the image does not load. However when i try to open the image url, i can browse to it just fine.

I think something goes wrong because the image is in another site collection. But i find it weird that firefox has no problems.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

PayPal IPN Integration with Office 365

I am trying to set up a list that adds items when a PayPal Instant Payment Notification is received.

  • PayPal IPN calls a webpage with POST values assigned that are then
    verified with a handshake.
  • List item is generated based off the POST values and successful verification of the values

The issue that I am running into is the receiving url for the PayPal IPN call can not be setup for anonymous access. The page is requiring a log in and PayPal will not be able to pass the values because of this.

Has anyone successfully implemented PayPal IPN to create a list item in a secured list? Thanks.

SharePoint Online workflow pause until

As far as I know it could cause troubles to pause a workflow for a longer time, like a few months. And I can understand that it could be a problem to do so on an on premise installation.

But what about Autohosted Apps in Sharepoint Online.
Is it ok to start a workflow and then let it wait for half a year?

The alternative I have in mind is a Timer job running on Azure, but I think it would be much easier to use the Workflow.

Can someone please explain the differences to me?

can provider-hosted app deployed outside the domain when using s2s

I’m creating a SharePoint provider-hosted app using visual studio 2013 in a machine and connecting to SharePoint 2013 on another machine.

Visual studio is not in the same domain as SharePoint domain. I’m using S2S to establish trust between the app and SharePoint.

After creating this whole setup the app doesn’t work while debugging on the Visual studio machine. It only work when it’s hosted inside the SharePoint domain.

Does the provider hosted app have to be hosted on the same domain? or I missed some configuration?

Use SPQuery on a SharePoint List View

I have a SharePoint list named Employee Information. And this list has a view called View1.
Is there a way wherein i can use Caml query on the View of the list?

Sharepoint OneDrive for Business and C# WPF Windows 7

I have a question and I would appreciate for your help.

I have WPF C# desktop application (windows 7) . And I want to connect to OneDrive For Business (SkyDrive Pro) account and to get the files from OneDriveForBusiness storage (we have corporate Office 365 account ).

If I understood correctly, I need to use Sharepoint API and REST GET command for connect to account?

But I can’t understand how to do this.

At first, how to login? I need to add Browser component to my Desktop App?

Maybe somewhere c# Desktop samples are? With demonstrate basic operations: connect, get metadata, get files.

If Sharepoint API can’t help me, tell me please, how can I do that? Which API I need to use?

Thanks for your consideration. It’s really needed for me.

Error Setting Ratings using SharePoint Client Object Model

We are attempting to use the example located on this: Site

We are receiving the following error: “The assembly Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Proxy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c does not support app authentication”

Another Site that shows a similar example is: Here and the only comment lists the same problem we’re encountering.

Our App has full trust with the Host Web as we elevated permissions for the app hoping that was the issue.

Navigating to new page loses querystring

I have a on premise sharepointed 2013 application. On the home page, there are several links to different pages within the application itself…such as

<a href="User.html">User</a>

However, when I click on this, I lose the HostWebURL and the AppWebURL in the url.

this contains vital information for making various ajax calls. Is there a way to maintain these query string parameters across all pages when someone navigates?

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