User Profile Service Application not available on central admin services

I’m setting up an app store in sharepoint and the user profile service is required. The creation of this service is not available in the manage services on server. How can I enable this as on option on the new services tab?

How to connect two provider hosted apps in sharepoint 2013

How to connect two provider hosted apps ?.How the communication happens between two provider hosted apps.

Thanks in advance

SPoodle Scheduling cannot work in SharePoint 2013

I add a free application SPoodle Scheduling to my site SharePoint 2013. (SharePoint Enterprise) But when I try to open this SPoodle Scheduling app, there always a error message.
enter image description here

How could I use this application ?

Thank you.

Terminate workflow with Sharepoint 2013 Rest API

I was required to cancel some of running workflows. Is there any way to cancel or terminate Workflow using Sharepoint 2013 Rest API?

Workflow in SharePoint Hosted App

I’m having a requirement that when the user create a new item, the task will be created for the respective user. Suppose the item is edited again and new task should be created again and old task for the respective user should be deleted.

Is it possible to implement this functionality in a SharePoint Hosted app?

SharePoint 2013 app domain – do I need to create a separate app domains for separate farms?

I need to configure my SP 2013 environments for apps, and as a part of it app domain creation is required. Can I use the same app domain for 2 different SP 2013 farms or each should have individual one? Or it all depends?

File Not Found. in ClientContext.Site.OpenWeb

I just tring to open the subsite using the CSOM. I’m geting the below error in clientContext.ExecuteQuery().
site URL is Orders

File Not Found.

            clientContext = TokenHelper.GetClientContextWithAccessToken(SPHostUrl, accessToken);
        Uri oUri = new Uri(SiteUrl);
        oWebsite = clientContext.Site.OpenWeb(oUri.AbsolutePath);

How to know what kind of permission (Full, manage, write) is used for the current App?

I planing to build an JavaScript library to manipulate SharePoint Lists and Items , which developer can use with there SharePoint Hosted apps, and I want to publish on CodePlex,

anyway, this JS library can access the items using two ways, and both of them are working fine, but one of them have better performance.

form my library I need to know what kind of permission (Full, manage, write) is used for the current App, and based on that I can run the fit code.

Update: My App authorization policy is default (App-only policy)

Why should I use Microsoft.SharePoint what the benefit to use it?

We can build A SharePoint Apps on visual studio using or,
V will work with SharePoint 2013 with SP1. and will work with both (with and whiteout SP1).

my question is: why should I use V what the benefits of that?

Change AllowedRemoteHostUrl after the app is installed

I use a SharePoint-hosted app to allow a 3rd party html site make REST calls into my SharePoint library using requestExecutor.js. That works fine in my test environment, but deployment to other environments is the problem. In order for teh cross site library to work on non-sharepoint pages (or of a 3rd party web site), I need to provide the url of that remote site in appManifest.xml:

  <Internal  AllowedRemoteHostUrl=""/>

That site url is obviously different in dev/test/production. Also, there might be more than one remote site that I want to allow access to a library on my sharepoint. So I am trying to figure out how I can change AllowedRemoteHostUrl value for an already installed app instance. I don’t see any powershell scripts nor I can find where thsi value is stored in the content database (I know making changes to content database is a big no-no, but if that worked I’d be willing to take the risk).

Any ideas? Or, what is the standard approach for such a task?

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