Top Level Site page not found

I’m trying to make a site collection. When I create one and give it a host header, the URL for the top site it gives me after creating the site collection never works. When I visit the URL, it says page not found. I’ve tried creating many site collections, but this issue remains. enter image description here

In the image above, the default site works, but the http://testapp/ doesn’t.

SharePoint 2013 app top bar style is changed when using bootstrap

I try to build a SharePoint 2013 app using bootstrap 2. I create a new project and add bootstrap reference (js and css). When deploying the app, the top-bar style is changed!

The Browse tab in the riboon style is changed and the right buttons on the ribbon bar are missing and style changed …

Here is the wrong one:

enter image description here

And here the good one without bootstrap:

enter image description here

Any ideas how can I fix this style?


Differences between hosting options for SharePoint apps

When we create a new app in Visual Studio, we are given the option to select an hosting model:

enter image description here

What are the differences between the various models?

SharePoint 2013 Hosted App Ribbon Tab/Buttons inside app web

I’ve seen lot’s of examples how to add a ribbon tab/buttons on host web (not app web). Can somebody tell if it’s possible to ad a ribbon tab/buttons to the app web itself? I want to build an app and use the ribbon as the navigation from-to different pages inside my app.

By default there is just one single ribbon tab called Browse inside the app web. How can I add a new ribbon and buttons and have them visible at all time … ?

Are host-named site collections required to use the app model?

My understanding is the HNSCs are recommended because as this technet article states

This architecture is recommended to deploy sites because it is the
same architecture that the Office 365 environment uses. Consequently
this is the most heavily tested configuration. New features, including
the App model and Request Management, are optimized for this
configuration, and it is the most reliable configuration going

However, are HNSCs required to take advantage of the App Model or is it a strong recommendation?

I’ve heard that they are required but I have not been able to find any documentation to back that up.

Sharepoint-hosted app: Access site columns belonging to host site

I have a sharepoint-hosted app containing a custom list. On the host site collection where I am deploying this app, there are several custom site columns.

In my app, I want to access these site columns and include as columns in my custom list.

Is this possible?

SP2013 Cannot access admin pages of installed Apps from App Store – 403 Forbidden

We have a newly deployed on-premise SharePoint 2013 farm…

In one of our web applications, after we install any app from the SharePoint store and add it to a web site, we cannot access the administrative page of the app.

It is strange, because the app installs just fine. And we have no problem adding it to the site. But when we browse to the application (from Site Contents) we get a 403 – Forbidden.

The web app is using claims authentication.

Any thoughts?

How to search list app part as is built in on actual list?

When I navigate to my list, I have all functionality…my views are available and my search is, too. However, when I embed it in a page as an app part, that functionality disappears.

How can I fix this — why is it not available?

What I want
This is what I want
What I get
This is what I get from the app part

Is it possible to formate the date by Calculated Value property?

I created a field in list as DOB (Date and Time type). I want to display DOB in the format of ‘1 Oct 2013‘.How can i achive this.Is it possible to do by Calculated Value property?

GetPropertiesFor ajax call from Sharepoint 2013 app

I tried the below code with GetMyProperties in a SharePoint Hosted app and it works, but the following code gives me a bad request

    url = appweburl +
     method: "GET",
     headers: { "Accept": "application/json; odata=verbose" },
     success: successHandler,
     error: errorHandler

But it gives me a bad request… Please help me

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